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TOSTAO' Coffee

Our product TOSTAO', is carefully selected by the biggest size bean, it´s homogeneous, defects-free and with attributes of taste and aroma in cup.

Our Company

We are passionate about coffee!
We are infected with the aroma of freshly roasted beans. We explore the world of coffee every day to reinvent the way of enjoying a real cup of coffee.
We are a team of highly qualified people in various aspects of coffee:, from selection of raw materials, sensory analysis, quality control, preparation and barismo.
Finally, we pride ourselves in developing tailor-made strategies for our clients.

Exports & Private Label

As registered, roasters and exporters, we are able to produce private label and face the opportunities for quality coffee in international markets.


At TOSTAO' we are committed to high quality standards at each step of the process, At our quality assurance labs, we have state-of-the-art equipment used to control all our processes and to ensure that we provide the highest quality product.


Our coffee is 100% Colombian Arabica Supremo Coffee, cultivated in volcanic soils.

Social Commitment

We are committed with our coffee growers through responsible trade and social programs participation.

High Quality Product

Our coffee is free of defect beans. Carefully selected by the biggest size bean