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TOSTAO' Coffee

Our coffee comes from the heart of the department of Caldas, COLOMBIA. Grown in the foothills of the Andes Mountains, our growers put all their care and dedication into the cultivation of high quality coffee. TOSTAO' coffee is grown between 4.600 and 5.900 feet above sea level.

  • Coffee Profile

    The richness of our soils and our environmentally friendly processes allow us to offer a coffee of excellent quality. Our coffee beans are carefully selected and roasted under very high standards.

  • Social Commitment

    Our commitment to coffee growers is based on:
    - Sustainable coffee prices.
    - Joint social programs with the cooperative to positively impact coffee growers and their community.
    - Encourage the production of quality coffee "buying specialty coffees" and participating in auctions of microlots.

  • Suppliers

    HAND PICKED The priority of our coffee growers is to carefully select each coffee bean, to ensure the perfect ripeness. Our suppliers are primarily small scale coffee growers, whose priority is to carefully select and deliver the best beans. Their efforts are compensated through responsible trade; through which, TOSTAO' helps support by paying fair prices.

Processed with Passion
& High Technology

In our own plant we have state of the art technology in roasting and grinding coffee. This roaster employs cutting edge technology, with a fluid bed roasting system (hot air) that guarantees uniformity and consistency between loads.

Our machine consumes minimal energy, and adapts to a variety of parameters for roasting different blends are recipes. This machine reuses up to 80% of its heat energy making it incredibly environmentally friendly.